I’ve got A LOT of problems.

There are currently three big challenges I’m trading punches with right now causing me to live a life less than supremely healthy existence, all of which are listed below in no organized fashion, and I mean, we’re condensing a lot into three little paragraphs but you’ll get the gist:

Saying “Yes!” all the time to working out.


Stop living in time-based “reality”

How well do you do overwhelm?

I don’t jive well with it. It doesn’t take much, a simple influx of unchecked open commentary running through my brain will have me running out the door in need of a good soul walk on most days of the week.

This may seem…

AM Costanzo

I write about wellness, weight loss, and creating healthy habits. The ability to have a healthy and happy life lies within you! www.amcostanzo.com

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