Inner Peace: It’s Possible to Access It Whenever You Want

This works especially well when you’re freaking out.

AM Costanzo
4 min readJan 19, 2022


“How we spend our days, is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Annie Dillard

It’s a slow metamorphosis. Taking months, years, or perhaps a decade or two, but the time will come when you realize how everything you’ve done, every choice you’ve made, no matter how slight and mundane, or massive and course-correcting, has placed you squarely at this point in time

Every single bit of minutia matters. Habits, thoughts, routines, pipe dreams, goals, and how you set off on your path — your speed, gait, how often you stop to look around, or how you keep your head down and plow through — our approach to life is significant and it’s easy to lose sight of.

Having recently taken a momentary step to the side to reassess where I am in life, I’ve come to realize that I’m way off course.

The most obvious culprit is the never-ending stream of chatter that goes on in my head. Every day I go head-to-head with my inner bully — she runs the show and she’s not a very big fan of mine.

How we spend our days and the things we engage in is how we spend our lives, but I think there’s a deeper layer to this.

How we perceive ourselves is how we show up in this life.

And that heavily influences our days.

I’m a people-pleasing comparison junkie and it’s killing my dreams.

As if I were a groundhog, my mornings begin with a skittish peek from below the surface, peering up just high enough to catch a glimpse of the weather.

Is she feeling stormy, dark, and moody, or are we catching glimpses of rays today?

Behind the 8-ball is where the day usually begins. Seque into internal dialogue kicking in before feet reach slippers and it’s downhill from there. To-do lists come crashing in and the tsunami hits before the shower gets turned on.

Translated into daily living, I don’t remotely have my sh*t together.



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