5 Strategies For Losing Weight

And You Only Need To Commit To One

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash
  1. Change Your Approach.
    If you’ve been trying for months to lose weight and it hasn’t been happening, then you need to change your approach. You don’t need to lament over it, agonize and over-analyze your way into a bag of chips. You simply need to approach the whole matter from a different perspective. Take a look at your habits, how you spend your day, what you say to yourself over and over. You need to pay attention to see where your triggers lie and what you can do to shake things up!
  2. Listen To Your Inner Speak — And Try To Ignore Most Of It
    Or inner critic, or inner a**hole. What “they” say is not the truth. It’s NOT the truth and the sooner you realize this, well then the sooner you’ll be dropping pounds and loving yourself all the more. Speak amazingly kind to yourself without letting any of that self-hatred seep in, and believe in yourself. You CAN lose the weight, you just haven’t picked the right strategy yet. If you can say that, then you have chosen your new approach to losing weight.
    (See how these strategies begin to co-mingle?!)
  3. Commit To Something You Love — Or At Least Something You Like
    How often do we hear the stories about people who became passionate in one thing or another and lo and behold, without the struggle, and without the constant inner dialogue they manage to lose a significant amount of weight without “trying”? They don’t see it as “trying”, they see it as doing something they love, and receiving the reward from that — feeling accomplished, successful, proud of themselves, helpful to others, motivational, whatever it may be. Someone who is not a runner begins with a 5k, and a year later they’re running marathons. This happens all the time. Someone can’t hike up a bunny slope and then find themselves 12 months later hitting trails all over the Northeast, absolutely loving life, ‘gramming the hell out of their journey, getting others to ask HOW did you do it? Find your passion.
  4. Model The Behavior of Those Who Have Had Tremendous Success
    And let me tell you, in the weight loss arena there are plenty of everyday people who have had tremendous success. You need to search them out — and with social media, this is simply too easy of a strategy NOT to employ! However, there is a caveat. Do your research! Be responsible! Not everyone is on the up and up and while they may have lost the weight, the way in which they have done it may not be healthy, realistic or sustainable. Be your own judge here and fish out the fakes and pay attention to the true achievers.
  5. Believe In Yourself
    Above all else, you need to believe in yourself. Do not let negativity permeate your soul. You are gifted, and you are talented, and you can break the mold no matter how hard you think it’s set. Re-wire your brain to go to the good, to think on the bright side, to create the momentum that will bring you success. It all begins (and ends) with you. Create the goal, take action, understand what’s working (and what’s not), and alter your course again if you have to. That is you being productive and working hard. That is you believing in yourself and refusing to give up!

If you implement only one strategy I’m certain you can change the course you are on and find your way to weight loss. There are many curveballs, and wrong turns, but if you remain strong, committed, positive and loving toward yourself, you cannot be beaten!

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