And how you can turn the tide.

Equipping yourself with the right tools is 95% of getting the job done right. When you have the right tools at your disposal, it limits room for error and allows you to work more efficiently.

Having the latest fitness equipment is a great start, but there is an even more…

Yes, it’s going to hurt (at first).

There’s this little space that exists between intention and action — well, little for some, gargantuan for most. For the masses, within this flaming gap resides a decimator of dreams that’s quick to engulf even the best of intentions.

In lieu of stepping up and slaying this beast, we by…

Look away from the clock.

I’d imagine if Roy Kent (Ted Lasso) were asked how easy it is to master the moment, “f*cking hard!” would be his answer. …

Where’s the best place to begin making changes?

This battle has been storming for decades (I was going to say centuries but let’s be real, dresses weighed 20 pounds back then and access to junk food was relegated to homemade mince pies. Our ancestors excelled at diet and exercise — walking around in those clothes alone would have…

Discover the real blocks that are holding you back.

I’ll be the first to tell anyone that my habits… mmmm, well… they’re not the best. But then again, one of my habits is to always point out the negative soooooo yea.

When it comes to achieving new things — like how I’ve been trying to run a mile a…

For nothing else matters much if you can’t get there beautifully.

Anyone can create a goal. Big, small, scary, outlandish, hairy… it’s fun to imagine what’s possible and set out to make it happen within a neat little container of time.

They’re super fun to set, but it turns out they’re not at all what you should be focusing on, they’re…

So it sucks less.

It’s a fact — at least in my eyes — that running is a subtle form of torture anyone can inflict on themselves in the pursuit of wanting to become more fit and able-bodied.

We could say this about all forms of fitness, in fact, however, I find running to…

Stop living in time-based “reality”

How well do you do overwhelm?

I don’t jive well with it. It doesn’t take much, a simple influx of unchecked open commentary running through my brain will have me running out the door in need of a good soul walk on most days of the week.

This may seem…

A quick trick to discovering your eating patterns.

Turns out I’m not as good at the whole eating veggies thing as I had imagined. And I love cheese to the moon and back.

How did I discover this reality?

Here’s a trick you can try tomorrow that has the potential to open your eyes up to how you

You may discover immense joy in the process.

It seems utterly contrary to popular belief, after all, who in their right mind would want to make life more difficult? It’s downright absurd.

To struggle is to bring about varying degrees of suffering and we humans are not designed to deal with struggle or difficulties with grace. There are…

AM Costanzo

I write about wellness, weight loss, and creating healthy habits. The ability to have a healthy and happy life lies within you!

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