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Why Your Thoughts Determine Your Life

If you are not in control of your thoughts, you are not in control of your life.

Have you ever stopped to notice how a whole entire day can go by and not once did you consciously react to what was happening around you, but instead simply reacted? Like a knee-jerk reaction that went on all day long.

I’ve done that for pretty much the last 30 years. Yup. Just cruising along, expecting life to happen to me, eventually. No deep-seated aspirations since I saw it as all a big waiting game. Waiting for “It” to happen. The moment when the opportunity would come and whisk me away to the cushy dream job. That massively salaried, extensively vacationed, and worldly traveled job.

I had the vision. I was quite well versed in The Secret so I assumed I was gold. It was supposed to come. It would come. Naturally. I’m pro-Universe and all its flowing energy so I’ve been waiting patiently for it to show up at my feet, at which time I would lovingly pick it up, cuddle it, give it a safe space in which we could build something great together.

But as you may have guessed, all that waiting has lead to years of me and my knee-jerk reactions forging a future into the literal unknown. Not really creating the experiences I wanted or needed to happen, but instead blindly following what others before me did — like my father and his business career. Of course I would go into business, even though I’m more artistic and personable. Sure, stick me in an office all day long crunching numbers, perf. Can’t wait.

Then the day comes when I decide, “Hmm, pretty sure I’ve had enough, time to quit.”

Still got a plan? Not in the least, but I think Graphic Design makes sense. I sure do like it. Let’s give that one the old college try.

I find a job in graphic design, stick it out for a few years and then, because I have no real plan, decide to quit that job as well, after eight years. (Oh, and let's not forget to tell my boss exactly what I think of her as I’m walking out the door–that’s a tale for another day!)

So I simply continue on and since my knee-jerk reactions continue to direct my life, I decided to start my own business as a personal trainer and holistic health coach.

Sure. Why the hell not?

Now all these things may seem like it’s all leading to some great, grand finale but I must disappoint.

None of these decisions, while they may seem like me taking action and not settling when I wasn’t happy where I was, as a positive, and I can certainly narrate it to convey that but the truth of the matter is, not once did I think things through, and actively take action. I just did it as a means of getting from one point to another, building nothing and taking small painstakingly short-sighted action steps.

How can a person who doesn’t take action become something they never expected or planned for… an entrepreneur?

It’s a terrible idea actually, to become an entrepreneur who doesn’t realize the key to success isn’t waiting around for the Universe, but instead to take action. Legit, concrete, decisive action.

This all brings me back to the first line of this long narrative which is, if you are not in control of your thoughts, you are not in control of your life.

I didn’t take the time to think things through. My knee-jerk reactions gave me the push and after that, well, I kind of glided along waiting on the Universe to pop up with some amazing offer of success. I never formulated my thoughts, I never gave them the time to breathe, expand, create and determine the long-term steps and actions that I needed to take. So I never took them.

Until now.

If I can bestow any words of wisdom it’s this: take a day, or a week, or a month, and see and learn where your passions lie. Bopping around from one thing to another is ok, as long as you have that long-term goal of where you want to be guiding you. The actions you take determined by your conscious thoughts will allow for all the zigs and zags to lead you in a direction of your making. One you consciously make!

All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter. ~ Sai Baba



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