Why You Should Upgrade From Resolutions to A Personal Mission Statement

Oh how I love the prospect of a shiny new year.

I’m a journal junkie. Give me all the pretty new journals and I’ll write you a litany of endless possibilities. The ideas I have, the goals I can dream of achieving, the things I can finally get done that I have yet to ever get done are mine!

Yes, I love me a good journal.

Imagine my excitement when today I came across a pocket-sized journal in my closet, nary a page written on. I did one of those excited shrugs like, Oh yay I love it so much. I had found this year’s affirmation holder. Keeper of sacredness. My future in a pocket (so small it could fit in my bag without being a nuisance. I could carry it everywhere!)

Eager to begin my resolution making with pen in hand, I flipped it open to the first page and lo and behold, there it was, 2016 staring me in the face.

“Whaaaaat?” My disbelieved brain cried out. Confusion slowly enveloping me. “But… but these are this year’s goals, dreams… and yes, affirmations.” A murky dark cloud was descending upon me as my enthusiasm was quickly blown out like a birthday candle. “Those are the same ones. But… but… that was three years ago… THREE YEARS AGO! WTF have I been doing for the last three years?!”

WTF indeed.

Turns out, no matter the year, you will find a journal that begins with me touting my affirmations, boldly proclaiming wild success with email list building, web pages that actually get web visitors, new languages I will learn, exotic places I will visit, the Tony Robbins event I’ll make it to, and the bank account I’ll have stuffed full of cold hard cash.

Every year, same resolutions (with little $$$ peppered all over the place — because that’s what really seals the deal.)

My ego (who, let’s be honest is a real a**hole), and not one to miss a beat, went straight to work dismantling any and all excitement I had for the new year, and even went so far as to write me a little note:

In case you can’t read my ego’s terrible handwriting, it says “Enough with the bullsh*t. You either take massive action or get a real paying job.”


But unfortunately well said and to the point.

Turns out, after much retrospection I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been focusing on singular acts of self-improvement while neglecting to intertwine them with my values, core beliefs about who I am and what I’m capable of, and the reasons behind my behavior (which have created the circumstances I am currently in, knee-deep).

This is not to say that I don’t think about these things, I simply don’ think about them to the point of articulation. I breeze by them in thoughts — I know my values center around being a good human and treating others as I would like to be treated, but beyond that…

What I need to be doing is diving deeper. Connecting the dots. Raising my standards. Unearthing the motivation. Discover my Why.

Simon Sinek went viral for his Ted Talk and for good reason. We should all personally and intimately know our “Why.” Why do we do what we do? Whhhyyyyy??

For example, why am I in my current situation of feeling like a failure in my business? What do I believe about myself to be true, and why? My ego is a pretty critical intangible and I’d like to know where it’s getting its information and why it had to tell me negative things every day! (And I’m pretty sure it laughs at me when I write down these single acts of self-improvement, but I choose to ignore it — if buring my head in the sand is considered ignoring, that is.)

Clearly, this alerted me to the fact that I needed to switch gears. And sure enough, when you’ve been opened up and are willing to accept certain realities in life, every so often the Universe holds out a big arrow, pointing you toward a path that may be useful.

Enter an article I came across about personal mission statements.

Bing, bing, zap, zap, a-ha moment lightbulb went off.

A personal mission statement perked me back up like a trick birthday candle. Suddenly everything was back on the table, but the table just got grander.

As it turns out, doing a simple Google search provides links from Forbes to Dave Ramsey to Stephen R. Covey all offering up strategies and step by step guides on how to create your own personal mission statement. Oh yay shrug!

From the looks of it, this will require some deep scuba diving into the nooks and crannies, and will take some time but I’m beginning to realize (thank you ego) that if I don’t do the deep diving, I’ll just keep bobbing along the surface, getting nowhere fast, year after year.

This year, to all my fellow journal junkies out there, if you’re looking upon this new year with stars in your eyes and eagerness in your soul to get massive things accomplished, may I suggest to you your own personal mission statement. I’m pretty sure it’s guaranteed to be a game-changer.

Watch out 2019!

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