What Is It You’re Practicing?

And why it’s important to know.

Having a practice is the “thing” that makes things happen.

Whatever your “it” is that you’re after (i.e. a smaller waistline, a promotion, an organized kitchen), the practice you put in place is what will get you to be able to say, “I did it, I made it happen!

And maybe what you made happen looks a little different than what you expected, or maybe it’s spot on. But whatever you produced came out of the practice you created.

The stronger your practice, the bigger the payoff.

This goes both ways, good and bad.

Bad habits, when practiced dutifully, will results in an outcome you may have not seen coming like unhealthy eating habits and cardiovascular disease. Smoking and emphysema.

What about your career? If you want to write the next great American novel but you’re not writing every day, well there’s your practice. You’re not moving the needle even though it’s been a dream of yours since you were little.

Maybe you feel frumpy and frail which could be the result of an inconsistent workout routine, repeatedly practiced.

Maybe you practice putting things off for another day, and then another, and then another.

These practices are what you do every day regardless of what’s going on in your head, or maybe because of what’s going on in there if it’s a negatively affecting practice.

Ignoring the voice can create positive practices.

When pursuing a practice that’s in alignment with your pursuits, being able to put that voice or internal conversation on mute and doing what needs to be done is what will allow you to develop a fruitful practice. It’s following through on the things you want to achieve.

Incredibly successful people have practices in place to create, and creating doesn’t have to be just art or words put together in a book. Creating is everywhere and everything. An idea is creating.

What do you want to create and can you develop a practice around it? That’s what gets that “thing” out of your head and into your life.

Think of what it is you do day-to-day and discover what you’re truly practicing. Then decide if it equates to what you truly want in your life.

AM Costanzo is a wellness coach, a motivational junkie, loves a-ha moments, and loves to help people feel strong, powerful, and downright fabulous in body and mind!

I write about wellness, weight loss, and creating healthy habits. The ability to have a healthy and happy life lies within you! www.amcostanzo.com

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