Sure-Fire Ways to Follow Through On Your Weight Loss Goals

If you’re serious, it’s time to pony up

AM Costanzo


How do you commit to working out when you lack the consistency and motivation — the two biggest culprits derailing efforts across the globe this month — despite the best of intentions to follow through?

In short: you can’t.

At best, your attendance will be strong for a week. After that, the only thing you can count on is your recurring monthly bill from whatever establishment you put your trust into to get your ass in shape.

Harsh? Yes. Realistic? Absolutely.

There Is A Work-Around

Not every new year's resolution is doomed to crash and burn into the ether after the close of the first month. Yes, the playing grounds will level off and gym-regulars will rejoice in having their equipment back, but there will be the few who make it through the initial fire and come out unscathed.

It’s not by pure willpower either that fueled them, or a burning desire to embrace the suck that comes with committing to show up and exert uncomfortable amounts of effort week after week.

There are tactics that can be employed to which make showing up a must. An absolute MUST which is crucial when first implementing change (or doing something so friggin uncomfortable you can easily talk yourself out of it.)

What I’ve learned over the years is that sometimes it takes a little creativity and ingenuity to make the commitment stick without wavering.

That’s not to say however that sometimes you can persevere against the odds because you actually enjoy the process. (Insert wide-eyed and shocked looking emoji here!) I actually enjoy — mostly — exercising and it’s because I know when I’ve given it my best effort, the mental satisfaction that bubbles up is akin to an hour with a therapist for me. My brain just works better and that’s all the motivation I need.

Others need more, and here’s what I can offer up to you in terms of finding that thing that will make showing up a MUST so you no longer struggle with consistency, or lack motivation. (And you no longer entertain the “will I, won’t I” conversation.)



AM Costanzo

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