I hear this question a lot. Like a lotta lot. It’s almost as if it’s a common theme among the whole entire human race! There are those few outliers I’ll admit whom I’ve come across, and even I look at them a little cockeyed thinking they can’t be for reals. Like c’mooooooon, nobody likes exercise that much.

The struggle is real. And it doesn’t matter that exercising actually ends up making you feel energized, or puts you in an elevated state of mind, or that you can pretty much feel awesome for the entire rest of the day after working out. Those feel-good hormones flow so happily throughout the bod, so why do we hate it so much??

That alone should be reason and enjoyment enough to make this question completely absurd.

But yet, it persists. It’s real. Getting, finding and acting upon the motivation to get your butt into action mode is one tough battle. One many of us fail miserably at. So… that’s why this is such a great question and I’m so excited to offer my insight, my expertise, and my own tactics.

First let’s get the elephant out of the room. You NEED to exercise! So right now you need to clean out the excuse box you have ready at your side whenever you need an out. Dump it out and set it aflame. Living in an excuse free zone is going to help you tremendously! This should feel liberating.

But instead it probably feels super fkn scary, like what did I just do kind of scary. But if you don’t have any excuses, then you don’t have any excuses. It’s all out in the open and you can get on with things. No more back and forth conversations between wanna-be healthy you and wanna-be super lazy you. Those convos take up a whole lotta time that you just don’t have sista.

Now that exercise is on the brain and there is nothing that can excuse it, we can move on to the next step.

Get your sneaks on. Just put them on. I don’t care if you’re in your pajamas. Put. Them. On. (You can take your pajamas off over the shoes.) What this simple motion does is it sets your plan in motion. It’s a small action that sends a big message to your lazy brain. It says these feet are ready to go, so get up, get dressed and let’s get moving!

Taking action sets things in motion and forces you to take the next step.

Which is to try something new. Go check out that class you’ve been telling your friends you’ve been wanting to try out (for mooooooonths) but haven’t yet. Well now you have your shoes on and your excuse box is empty, so go and don’t look back. Nobody needs you here. We need you there. GO!

And if that class isn’t much to your liking, then go and try a new one. There are new classes, new fitness hot spots, new trends popping up all over, all the time. Sh*t, even I have an online exercise video program (shameless plug) that’s for busy moms. Trying new things is also the best way to train your body but keeping it guessing. You’ll be doing leg and core work in spin class, and stretching, and pilates in a reformer class, and flowing through moves in yoga while getting your zen fired up. Try them all! I bet you’ll meet some pretty cool chicks along the way too that are just like you.. women looking for a little connection, a little space to be social, and a cool spot to get in shape.

You could even be a fitness renegade by taking the “social and in shape” theory to new heights by staring your own fitness group. Host a gaggle of your girls and hire a trainer to come to your house. I did this with a group of girls and I have to tell you, it was the most fun I’ve ever had, and they socialized the whole time while I whipped them into shape. We all left feeling uplifted, energized and were positively glowing. (I’m available for hire! Shameless plug #2)

If you take these few steps, invest a wee bit of time researching, and commit to tossing out your excuse box, you can most definitely find a way to exercise and even crack a smile while doing it. You simply have nothing to lose!

Now I’d love to hear from you! Post a comment in the section below and let me know if this speaks to you! Can you toss out your excuse box? Do you already do something you thoroughly enjoy and want to share? My community can only grow with your help so please help spread the love, (because we definitely need more love in this world!)

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