A slump crusher is an enviable character. Their ability to challenge their own self-sabotaging ways, to rise from the fall and come out on top are what all good feel-good movies are made of. And I decided that I want some of that in my life. I want to be the fallen victim tuned hero (let’s just say turned Wonder Woman!) Yup, sign me up for some of that please.

So here I am, back at blogging, sharing, pontificating, whatever you want to call it and hoping I’m at least a little better at it than before. It’s been awhile since you’ve seen me, but here I am, giving it another go because I won’t quit. I simply refuse to go away.

Nooooooow granted, I wasn’t always this excited, jacked-up, or remotely upbeat and this focused. Nosiree. I was in a murky slump. A funk, a state of mind, enduring an insufferable and seemingly never-ending conversation I had with myself (Why do I feel so blah? Why can’t I get it together and turn my business around? Why am I so crabby with my kids? Why am I yelling so much? Why am I taking all of this for granted?) Oh Lord the channel wasn’t changing, my focus more powerful than ever. It was a slump-alicious-fest that I catered to because at that point the slump felt easier (and safer) than the work that needed to be done in order to get out of it. (Sound all too creepily familiar??)

We all crash into our slumps sooner or later and when the cosmics collide, it’s at those moments when you think you simply can’t succeed, and that it’s all too much. Aaaaaaaaaand that’s when you finally have to make the move from ‘crash-victim’ to ‘crush-hero’! And that’s what I did (well, am doing. Currently. Right now. In this space with you very fine people :)

And it’s actually much simpler than I realized. Avoidance, retail therapy, and chocolate binging aside, there are simple steps you can take to help tackle the problem, get yourself prepared, and make the move from funk, to motivated and gettin’ sh*t done!

First, it would help if you didn’t:

Take on the whole kit and kaboodle. Whether it’s losing 30 pounds, deciding on what you want to do with your life, or how you go about fixing a relationship gone haywire, the tactics are the same. You need to GET CLEAR on your goals. Like super-duper, clarity clear on what you want to accomplish without taking on every thing at once. Us girls tend to feel like we need to tackle everything head on, at once, without taking a moment to breathe, think or react… it’s simply go, go, go all the time, and at the end of the day, we’re 1/2 bottle in, instagramming, texting, ignoring the immediate world because there ain’t nothing left at that point. Then we get up the next day and hit “repeat”.

That’s why we need to get clear. Grab a pen and just start dishing girl. Write it all down, each and every last thing you want to accomplish. It can be for today, for next week, a year from now, five years from now… just write it all out.

And then go back. Read it. Study it. Get to know it. Dance with it for a little bit. Get comfy and cozy in it. And then start picking at it. In fact, pick three accomplishments for starters. Just three because it’s time to prioritize. From those three, go down to two. Again, dance with them for a little, try them on, see how they feel, how they look. Once you’re satisfied, I want you to then pick one. JUST ONE. Clarity alleviates anxiety and fear. It creates laser-focus. If you’re laser-focused on your goals and you know the first, simple step that you have to take, it’s so much easier than wading into the unknown murky waters of your sub-conscious where all sorts of uncertainty, misguided beliefs, and plain old ickiness reside. There be alligators in there for sure and they bite! And they hurt. And they pull you down.

Decide what is it you’re looking to accomplish. Limit your to-do, to not-eat, to stop-doing list to one thing and let that become your focus.

Next, you’re going to have to:

Take action as soon as it’s humanely possible. There is NO WAY sitting down, contemplating, rehashing, shaming, excuse-making will help you AT ALL at this point. The only thing you can do once you decide to do something is to take action. I know I said clarity alleviates anxiety and fear, and while it does, action alleviates anxiety and fear even more! You may fear taking the first step but once you magically take that leap, your fears stay behind. They have no faith, they have no wings, and they have no use for you when you decide to abandon them. So figure out your first actionable step and for the love of bunnies and rainbows, take that first step. Just do it. Don’t even give yourself time to talk you out of it. Go, jump, fly!

And if you fall flat on your face:

Don’t get discouraged. Simply change the story you’re telling yourself in your head. Just change it. You’re not pathetic, you’re not destined to be where you are, you’re not a loser who can’t follow through with anything… whatever the conversation you’re having, whatever the disappointment may be, the way it’s making you feel isn’t helping. So change your language. And again, start small and simple. Go from “I don’t have the willpower to keep this up” to something more helpful like “this is a simple case of mind over matter, and I will not let my own thoughts be a stumbling block for me!”

When you practice this over and over again, I promise it will get easier and easier to follow and you’ll notice you’re in less and less of a slump. And if you find yourself in one, it’s so much easier to turn things around. SO MUCH EASIER! Believe me, I’m writing from experience. This is what I’ve been practicing and I have to say, through all that we have been through this past year (with the move, me having to put aside my business so I can be with my kids, helping them through our move, entertained them in a new place, coming back to my business and not sure there is anything to come back to), lord the list goes on and on! I’ve started changing the conversation in my head, the stories I tell myself, and to get clear on goals, and those have been the biggest game changers of all. No need to sage the house of its icky energy… just by changing what’s going on in your head and becoming clear, the energy shifts in all sorts of positive manners.

Remember to keep your goal at the forefront. That means writing it down so you can see it often. All too often we assume we won’t forget and the inspiration and motivation we feel at the goal-setting moment won’t diminish or fade because it feels so freaking good to be so centered and focused. But we all know, it fades, it diminishes, and it sometimes simply crashes and burns out all on it’s own like a little shooting star. So sad. So write it down and look at it everyday. Every. Freaking. Day. Got it? Good.

Remember, there is nothing you can’t accomplish with that beautiful mind of yours!

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