A Glorious Insight Into What Our Goals Ought to Focus On

Time to change things up!

AM Costanzo
3 min readJul 29, 2022


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Here’s a crazy goal: Pour love into my work as often as humanly possible.


Not: Increase the number of people who follow me. Who clap for me. Who gimmie a 👍 or pay me for my services.

Professional suicide? Perhaps.

Or a rising of the Pheonix? A f*ck you to the days of having to prove my worth with stats that are at best faulty, and algorithms my 40-something mind will never absorb?

What happens when we change how we set goals?

It no longer is about losing 20 pounds, adding 300 people to your email list, getting published, or obtaining the job of your dreams.

Lets’ not make it about selling 50 units of whatever, getting a Range Rover, building your dream house, or even a treehouse.

What if our goal was instead to drop fear?

Not avoid it by playing safe. Not limit our desires because they seem too outrageous and we’re afraid of what others will think.

Let’s live by the principle that anything you put out comes back to you. In your face. If you use fear, doubt, and uncertainty on the reg, you will receive more fear, doubt, and uncertainty on the reg. Facts baby.

Goals can get you things, but things beget more things. You’re going to need more when you reach the end and if you reached the end and the quality of your journey there sucked the living bejeezus out of you, then what do you really have?

Sitting down to do work that makes you nervous, and scared, and you ask yourself, “Who do I think I am?” and you do it ANYWAY—you audacious soul — is what makes a dent. That’s making a difference.

When you feel fear swirling around, it keeps you rigid and stuck, feeling downtrodden, and unworthy, keeping you from pursuing anything outside the confines of your walls because hey, what if fear is right? how can you achieve anything of value, my rainbow unicorn?

How will success define worth to you if you came at it from a place of lack, uncertainty, and fear?



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