And how you can turn the tide.

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Equipping yourself with the right tools is 95% of getting the job done right. When you have the right tools at your disposal, it limits room for error and allows you to work more efficiently.

Having the latest fitness equipment is a great start, but there is an even more powerful piece of machinery you’re going to want to make sure is up and running and performing at its peak before beginning.

And that would be your brain. Your brain is your most powerful tool and when you can understand how it works, and how you can change it when…

Stop living in time-based “reality”

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How well do you do overwhelm?

I don’t jive well with it. It doesn’t take much, a simple influx of unchecked open commentary running through my brain will have me running out the door in need of a good soul walk on most days of the week.

This may seem like an obvious co-contributor to overwhelm: fleeing from overwhelm would make one think I’m only adding to it.

But in fact, I’ve come to find that the opposite is true.

Changing my surroundings has a profound effect on managing my thought processes. I become distracted, and my focus shins outward…

A quick trick to discovering your eating patterns.

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Turns out I’m not as good at the whole eating veggies thing as I had imagined. And I love cheese to the moon and back.

How did I discover this reality?

Here’s a trick you can try tomorrow that has the potential to open your eyes up to how you really eat — even if you think you already know. (And you think it’s healthy too!)

Predict what you’re going to eat for the day.

Over the years, many clients kept a food log to help understand where the disparity lied between their weight gain and what they were eating because a lot of the time it wasn’t adding…

You may discover immense joy in the process.

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It seems utterly contrary to popular belief, after all, who in their right mind would want to make life more difficult? It’s downright absurd.

To struggle is to bring about varying degrees of suffering and we humans are not designed to deal with struggle or difficulties with grace. There are the outliers who thrive in those situations, but as a whole, we’d rather declare our intentions, and then sit back, make a sandwich, and wait to see what happens, sans struggle.

It’s easy to think of this idea as a means to push past your limiting beliefs, of doing something…

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Life flows when you’re in the zone. It flows so well and so easily in fact that you may sometimes stop to think what all the fuss was about. And you never see the headlights coming until they stop you dead in your tracks.

“Headlights” can be referred to as life itself. It has a way of sidetracking you when you least expect it, taking your perfectly working routine and turning it so all arrows point South. You go down so fast it takes weeks before you can think of making your way back up from whence you fell.


And why it’s important to know.

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Having a practice is the “thing” that makes things happen.

Whatever your “it” is that you’re after (i.e. a smaller waistline, a promotion, an organized kitchen), the practice you put in place is what will get you to be able to say, “I did it, I made it happen!

And maybe what you made happen looks a little different than what you expected, or maybe it’s spot on. But whatever you produced came out of the practice you created.

The stronger your practice, the bigger the payoff.

This goes both ways, good and bad.

Bad habits, when practiced dutifully, will results in an outcome you may have not…

Turns out it’s not the goal itself at all.

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How do you plan?

I wanted to get into the habit of writing every day — this is something I’ve been after for years, much in the same way someone who wants to lose weight goes after it repeatedly; zealous at first, and then the hard reality sets in: this isn’t going to be easy.

There are numerous stops and starts but it wasn’t until I saw it beginning to pay off that it clicked for me. The psychology of it promotes getting into the habit for the sake of refining your process. …

So it’s best to stop beating yourself up.

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Failures are insanely important in life. If you haven’t failed at something, you’re missing out.

Failures are indicators and if you know how to properly interpret them instead of throwing your hands up and wailing to the gods in search of answers as to why you’re so failure-prone, you can without a doubt begin living a significantly better life.

Because we all want to live better. And failures show us how.

1. Welcome failures because you figured out how not to do something.

If you’re confident in yourself, meaning failures don’t equate to endless negative chatter about how you’re no good, you’re not talented enough, or gifted, or smart — if you…

Turns out all those little indulgences add up.

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There are very few things I love more than a salty and crunchy potato chip — and I’m talking about the old-school potato chip, none of this artisanal or kettle-cooked nonsense.

Old reliable — Lays.

I confess that a part of me loved having parties for the sole purpose of being able to freely purchase potato chips because let’s be honest, you can’t buy potato chips on a weekly basis, heavens no.

People like us don’t do that — or when we do we make sure they’re buried underneath everything in the cart just in case we run into someone…

So you can begin doing more of the things that you want.

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If someone could bottle up time and sell it, we’d have our first trillionaire to date — unless we have one already and I missed it. If we do, do they sell time?

Imagine it, with bottled time, we’d have time for all the things. The good, the bad, and the utterly joyous things that we never make time for!

Until that glorious day happens though, we have to turn our attention to plausible solutions to the time conundrum, which lucky for us, there are plenty.

All it requires is an open mind, and an ability to organize — and…

AM Costanzo

I write about wellness, weight loss, and creating healthy habits. The ability to have a healthy and happy life lies within you!

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