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And how you can turn the tide.

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Equipping yourself with the right tools is 95% of getting the job done right. When you have the right tools at your disposal, it limits room for error and allows you to work more efficiently.

Having the latest fitness equipment is a great start, but there is an even more powerful piece of machinery you’re going to want to make sure is up and running and performing at its peak before beginning.

And that would be your brain. Your brain is your most powerful tool and when you can understand how it works, and how you can change it when…

Begin by thinking back to when you were a child.

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I never thought about winning any of my elementary school’s annual Mile Run races. I also never thought about the possibility of coming in last. In fact, I had no feelings about the race or that as a seven-year-old, I had never trained for anything in my life up to that point.

All I did was run. And fast.

Turned out I was good at running and from second to fifth grade, I was the fastest girl runner. And each year I ran faster, cutting seconds off my best times. (In sixth grade, however, I did end up losing by…

Like lifting a piano off your chest.

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A little too often I get wrapped up in my head that’s full of thoughts about how certain aspects of my life are less than ideal. These thoughts lead me down a well-worn path my brain likes to travel on, especially at 3 am.

The tangled mess that is my repeating thoughts have weight. Real, physical weight I can feel when hyper-focused. This is a common practice that many of us deal with every day.

We start by thinking less than stellar thoughts, which create physical reactions in the form of emotion, causing us to take action in some fashion…

Come at them from a place of power.

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A general lack of self-confidence plagues the masses meaning a majority holds the market share on not believing in themselves.

I was recently talking to a friend of mine about her weight loss struggles, which she’s been dealing with since her 20’s — she’s now in her mid-40’s… that’s a long time to deal with the same problem.

We began by going over the basics; what was she eating and how much she was exercising. We were coming up with plans and all sorts of action steps she could take — many of which she’s tried before but hey, excitement…

Change is hard, not impossible.

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The only constant you can rely on is change. There will always be change. If I could highlight, underline and emphasize the word “change” consider it done.

Change is always going to happen and it’s how we prepare, and react to change that determines its effect on us.

It can be subtle, like how your kids grow, yet be a shock to the system when you focus on it — how did they go from K-12 in a blink of an eye?

Or change can bitchslap you right across the face, knock you down, send you reeling, and have you…

Ask yourself, do you really want to go to bed with them?

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When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave the situation, change the situation, or accept it. All else is madness. — Eckhart Tolle

I’m pretty sure I complain about many things — I just don’t hear myself. Not anymore at least. It’s become sort of an automatic release.

The little things that get under the skin can be irritating and it’s difficult to stop yourself from lamenting about the annoyance — i.e. …

Thankfully it’s how you come out on the other side that matters most.

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Reality can be cruel.

Recently it came crashing down on me, and it sucks. Pulled out from underneath me the rug I’ve been standing on and I’m still reeling, unable to find solid footing.

It’s a horrible, scary, fear-filled feeling when you think about how you’ve been trucking along, believing you’re doing the right thing — but all along ignoring that feeling that something was wrong. And when you realize that feeling was right, it hurts.

It feels like I’m feasting on failure and I’m the only one at the table.

Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn’t lie. — Oprah

Trusting yourself means trusting your intuition.


And reduce stress.

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Let’s not confuse being organized as being tidy.

I’m tidy. I can stack books, put papers in folders and create order like no one’s business. I am a clutter-less phenom.

What I struggle with is being organized.

I only happen to know where everything in my house resides because I’m the cleaning crew. I have a lot of neat and tidy spaces.

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. — Ben Franklin

Being organized allows you to use your time more wisely.

Yes, it may seem like a waste of time at first, especially when we want to dive into a project or start something so we can…

How making decisions can set you free.

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Indecision is rife with pain.

This pain doesn’t have to be diabolical to be destructive either. Usually, it’s not, it’s a low-lying, under the radar kind of pain which is enough to keep you paralyzed in place, unable to move forward, backward, or toward anything.

Indecisiveness can keep us moving in circles as well, which is even more frustrating; you think you’re getting somewhere because you’re moving when in fact you’re reliving the same thinking and processes day in, day out. Yes, circular motion can be terribly deceiving.

I read something by someone, I can’t remember who at the moment…

3 ways to help keep you on track.

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It’s never about wanting to do it.

Nobody wants to purposely make themselves feel uncomfortable. The brain knows its job is to keep you safe, so we hunker down (under blankets on the sofa peacefully watching shows instead of heading out into the blistering cold for a run).

It wants to conserve our energy for the moment; the moment the saber tooth tiger comes tapping on our door.

But it rarely ever comes and if it does, it’s more likely the Uber Eats guys than a predator.

Being committed to something (i.e. losing 10 pounds or more, writing the next…

AM Costanzo

I write about wellness, weight loss, and creating healthy habits. The ability to have a healthy and happy life lies within you!

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